Getting the most from your barber
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Getting The Most From Your Barber

A visit to the barber shop can be a troubling task, particularly if you a trying out a new place…

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Is Your Back Ready For The Beach?

So Summer is upon us and the holidays are booked, you’ve been hitting the gym in preparation, but what about…

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To Wax or Not to Wax? That is the question

Let’s face it guys; Christian Grey and James Bond have not made it easier to be a ‘real man’ in…

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New Branch Opening in 2016

Drakes of London are pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement to open a new barbershop at…

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Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Often forgotten about in the sea of face wash’s, ‘men’s’ moisturisers and the dreaded soap or shower gel option, (a…

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Have You Had a Hard Night?

It’s that time of year again. You’re social calendar is chocker; the booze, food and fun are flowing; and just…

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Wedding Planning

Wedding season is upon us Gents. Whether you’re a groom, groomsman, or you just want to be the best guest…

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