Achieving The Perfect Cut-Throat Shave

Achieving The Perfect Cut-Throat Shave

Achieving The Perfect Cut-Throat Shave

Life’s full of little short cuts; the one to avoid traffic, the clip-on tie for the work dinner, and instant coffee. However, while you may not always been near a barber when you need one, you should never cut short your shave.

Here at Drakes we know a good shave. It’s what we do, it’s what we do well, but we’re here to let you in on a few secrets.
  • So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to have a cut throat shave.
    No, no don’t be worried, in fact cut throat shaves have been the way all men during the 20th century would abdicate the facial fuzz! It was customary to visit the barber 3 times a week for a good old chin sweep.

    Here at Drakes we incorporate the spirit of the old time barber with the element of simple luxury and straightforward shaving.

    You get a great shave, and we can let you in on how,

  • First of all for cut throat shaves you’ll need to open those pores up with a hot towel.
    Then once that has done its job, you can then cleanse the skin with only the best men’s skincare products; try something like Dermologica with all its skincare qualities. Now in order to get a clean shave with no dead skin being scraped we use a skin scrub or exfoliate. This helps open the pores which in turn clears out grease, grit and dirt gets rid of those blackheads.
  • So! On to the next step.
    Wipe away all the excess scrub and grease form your dirty mug and apply a second HOT towel. This one is going to be applied with some pressure in order to gain maximum effect, don’t get too excited with the massaging motion, it’s just to gain as much hot moisture into your pores as possible. The heat from the towel actually raises the hairs and makes them softer. The desired effect thereafter with the razor is to swipe them off like butter.
  • Now we apply the shaving cream.
    I know “what’s wrong with foam?” I hear you say. Foam actually dries up the skin and doesn’t penetrate the surface, it just sits there… doing nothing. We mix up the shaving cream with hot water in a bowl and then apply it with a shaving brush. Using just the right amount of pressure and speed the brush is lifting the hair and soften it up.
  • Taking a fresh razor from the sealed pack we place a fine edged razor blade into the instrument & then begin the shave.
    Here at Drakes we shave with the grain in order to avoid skin irritation, redness, and rash. So when you’re shaving at home, you do the same. In some places that means going in the opposite direction to the rest of your growth normally this occurs on the neck.
  • Once the shave is finished use a cold towel, run under the tap for a while to close the pores and clean any excess hair off the face before applying moisturiser and a calming balm.
Good as new! So enjoy your freshly shaved face and the adoration that comes with it!
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Have You Had a Hard Night?

Have You Had a Hard Night?

Had a Hard Night?

It’s that time of year again. You’re social calendar is chocker; the booze, food and fun are flowing; and just upon the horizon are a collection of bank holidays for you to look upon with childish glee.

It’s Christmas boys, and we all need a few hints and tips to get us through the party season.

Here’s Drakes Survival guide written by our own party hard team:Your skin is the first thing to show your sins. Give it an instant lift by exfoliating. It takes seconds to slough away the dehydrated skin cells that are dulling your complexion. Go the extra mile by slapping a bit of moisturiser on. It’ll work wonders.

An excellent tip from Phil; (who we all know has had many a hard night) is ‘waterless shampoo’. Yes that is right, search high and low for this wonder product and it’ll be your life saver when you’re rolling into work from the night before. Lather it up like normal shampoo ‘sans water’ and towel dry. It removes all odours, leaving your hair fresh and clean.

Boost up on vitamins. Our next door neighbours at Moosh Cafe blend up some fab detox juices and smoothies. If you can’t head down and pick one up ginger, celery, cucumber and lemon are fantastic at cleansing the system. Give it a go before you head into autopilot and pick up that coffee.

A tried and tested and personal fave of Rachel’s: Whack your specs on. It hides a multitude of sins. And if you don’t have trusty specs; eye drops!

Realistically you’re a little hung over; coordination isn’t great and your boss doesn’t want to greet you first thing the day after the night before with patches of tissue all over your face. Grow it out. Embrace the beard. Who knows, someone at the office party may have a thing for the woodsman look.

Now, you have a couple of options to battle the heavy duty dark circles ever intensifying as the season rolls on. Firstly you could invest in an eye cream. The girls have been using this trick for years and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t either. It rehydrates crepey skin, stimulates circulation and if you invest in a good one it won’t just be a quick fix you will get long lasting anti aging results. Dermalogica’s Ultracalming Eye Serum is a great product to beat all the signs of a late night.

The second option comes from our lovely Jennie who assure us this is an old age German wives tale that works! Grab a cold teaspoon, (preferably that has been sitting in the freezer) and pop it on your under eye for a few seconds. It apparently ‘brightens and tightens’ which sounds pretty good to us!

Lastly. Get a good hair cut boys! If you’re looking sharp when you go to party, it’s definitely going to increase your chances of looking half decent the next day!

So that is our guide to surviving the party season. You now have the tricks of the trade, (or tricks of the partiers) to help you glide through to New Years Day. And to help you on your way, come and grab a beer with your cut.

Merry Christmas from us!
Drakes of London

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