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We at Drakes of London offer the most comprehensive men’s laser hair removal in London today. Our staff uses one of the most advanced systems for hair removal available.

  • We are capable of effective treatment of every skin type for a reduction in hair growth as long as the colour of the hair is darker than the skin. The client also needs to be over 18 years of age.
  • This treatment is perfect for anybody that needs hair reduction on an unwanted area. Our usual suggestion is that the client gets 3 to 6 treatments for hair removal.
  • Treatments are done every 4 – 6 weeks for the face and 6 – 8 weeks for the body.

For more information on Mens Laser Hair removal please read our FAQ section here.


FULL BACK & SHOULDER£275.00Book Online
FULL BACK£250.00Book Online
SHOULDER£75.00Book Online
HALF BACK£175.00Book Online
THREE-QUARTER BACK£220.00Book Online
QUARTER BACK£150.00Book Online
SIDES£125.00Book Online


CHEST & ABDOMEN£250.00Book Online
CHEST£170.00Book Online
ABDOMEN£140.00Book Online


HANDS & FINGERS£50.00Book Online
HALF ARM£150.00Book Online
FULL ARM£220.00Book Online
UNDER ARM£100.00Book Online


FEET & TOES£60.00Book Online
LOWER LEG£180.00Book Online
UPPER LEG£180.00Book Online
FULL LEG£300.00Book Online
FULL BUTTOCKS£200.00Book Online
KNEES£40.00Book Online


CHEEKS / JAWLINE£100.00Book Online
NECK FRONT OR BACK£100.00Book Online
FULL NECK£150.00Book Online
BEARD£175.00Book Online
CENTRE BROW£40.00Book Online
FULL FACE£220.00Book Online
CENTRE BROW£40.00Book Online
FULL FACE & NECK£220.00Book Online

*All prices are for single laser treatments only. Discounted courses for 6 or 8 treatments are available. Prices on request.


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