Is Your Back Ready For The Beach?

Is Your Back Ready For The Beach?


So Summer is upon us and the holidays are booked, you’ve been hitting the gym in preparation, but what about those unsightly hairs?

Time to come in and get them waxed, but some stuff to know before you do:

Leave the hair as it is – don’t trim or shave the area before your waxing appointment.For best results

DON’T do ANY of the following things for at least the first 24 hours after your treatment:

  • Fake Tan
  • Go to the beach or swim in the sea
  • Go in a chlorinated pool
  • Hang out in a Jacuzzi – (you don’t know who’s been or done what in that water)
  • Ditto for a steam bath or sauna – it’s hot in there and bacteria just LOVE hot and steamy!
  • Use any strong smelling creams or lotions

Your follicles are exposed and you are prone to infection! OR think of it like this: Would you do these things to an open sore?

Redness & Burning

This settles within a couple of hours after. If it does not, see your physician.

Antiseptic body care

Aftercare cream is VITAL for good skin after waxing! Get some Tea tree lotion from our consultants and rub it on the waxed areas after every shower….or get someone to help you with this…


Your skin will close over your follicles soon after your treatment.The hairs will start to grow again soon and will want to break through that skin. (Try our Dermalogica buffing cloth to get all over back)

You’ll have to help the little buggers with this OR you might get ingrown hairs along with those horrible red bumps and you’ll look a mess in the gym change rooms!

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