Getting The Most From Your Barber

Getting The Most From Your Barber


A visit to the barber shop can be a troubling task, particularly if you a trying out a new place or barber for the first time.

Here are a few tips to make the experience a pleasurable one, for both you and your barber.

1. Do your research before you sit in the chair

Most barbers will be happy to give you a consultation and talk through styles that might work with your hair, but it helps if you can give them some context or parameters to work within. Do you have a corporate image to maintain? How long are you prepared to spend on styling in the morning? Are you willing to use styling products? These things will help with the decision making process.

2. Try to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment

If your shop is running an appointment system, dont be late. I know it sounds obvious but most barbers run a tight schedule. It is sometimes difficult to turn latecomers away so arriving late has a knock on effect for the rest of the day (no breaks and a late finish that evening.)

3. If you have a clear idea of the style you want to achieve, be prepared to be flexible

Knowing what look you want is a big help but it is always good to listen to the advice of a professional. Some styles work better on certain hair types and your barber should be able to guide you through this. For example, asking for a high pompador with a heavily receding hairline is clearly never going to work.

A genuine “thank you” or “good job” really does go a long way. it can be quite stressful cutting hair and sometimes we feel the pressure to perform.

4. Bring in photographs

Most barbers are quite visual in the creative process so any images of styles you like can help. A Google image search of your hair idol is all it takes to translate your needs to your stylist.

5. Always have a shampoo at the barber shop.

Coming into the barber shop with your hair already styled can be a good thing. It gives your barber an opportunity to see how you’d normally wear it everyday. With that said, expecting them to cut through styling products is a big ask, a good barber should have a variety of shampoos and conditioners and will taylor them to suit your hair needs to get a more manageable mop.

6. Visit regularly

Most barbers would recommend a haircut every four to six weeks, sometimes every 2 weeks to maintain particularly short hair. A visit to the salon with more than 8 weeks growth usually means that the style has completely grown out and will require a full restyle. This can take extra time. If it has been a long time since your last trim then ask for a longer restyle appointment.

7. Talk to us.

Being a barber means that we get to spend one on one time with a lot of people every day, it can be pretty awkward if there is total silence. Develop a rapport, ask us about our day, the weather, the weekend, or better still your hair. You get to spend some time with a hair expert so feel free to pick our brains. If you really feel like not talking, a polite way to indicate this is to bring a magazine to the chair with you. we’ll get the hint with no offence.

8. If you dont like the way the haircut is going, let us know as early as possible

Waiting until the product has been applied and then asking for “a bit more off” is a sure way to frustrate a barber. If your are not sure which direction the cut is going dont be afraid to ask. A good barber should have a clear cutting plan in his mind and should be happy to talk it through.

9. Take the advice on recommended styling products

Using the correct product is essential for you to maintain the look at home. There are many factors to consider when choosing a product and we have usually had training to help with that selection. Using whatever is in the bathroom cupboard probably wont give you the same results as us.

And finally…,

10. If we do a good job…let us know.

A genuine “thankyou” or “good job” really does go a long way. it can be quite stressful cutting hair and sometimes we feel the pressure to perform leaving a tip is a nice way to show your barber some love and appreciation but it is entirely optional.

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