Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Laser Hair Removal FAQ


Who is it for?

We can effectively treat all skin types for a reduction in hair growth as long as the hair colour is darker than the skin and the client is over 18 years of age.The treatment is perfect for anybody that requires hair reduction on an unwanted area.

What does it do?

The light picks up the colour (melanin) in the bulb/hair and destroys the root of the hair to reduce hair growth in unwanted areas. You can expect to receive a long term 85% reduction in the entire hair growth.

How long does it take?

We usually suggest 3 to 6 treatments for hair removal.Treatments are carried out every 4-6 weeks for the face and 6-8 weeks for the body.

What happens in between treatments?

In between each session you will have a fall out phase; this is usually 1-3 weeks after a session.The hair sheds away and you are left with a smooth finish. A couple of weeks later the hair begins to re grow, it becomes softer, finer and is reduced by around 20% of the entire growth each time.

How does the treatment feel?

The general feeling is a short, sharp heat for a split second on the skin. The sensation is quite mild, especially when compared with waxing.

Is there any after care?

We recommend that you avoid heat treatments including hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms for 24-48 hours.You MUST avoid the sun and sun beds for 30 days before and after treatments.Factor 30+ must be worn to reduce this risk. Fake tanning products can be used 2 weeks either side of a treatment but must be completely removed before the next session.

How do I start?

Firstly you must book an appointment with the clinic for a consultation; these are usually free of charge. The therapist will go through a few medical questionnaires with you to see if you are eligible for the treatment. Following this, she will explain to you in full detail what the treatment entails and answer any questions for you. A patch test on the area will then be carried out to check for any skin sensitivity to light treatments. This will also give you a chance to experience the sensation of the light on your skin so that you know what to expect when coming in for your first treatment.

Anything else?

The hair must only be shaved during the treatments. No plucking, waxing, bleaching, threading or Immac creams are allowed. We cannot treat any area which has been exposed to the sun within 30 days of the treatment and cannot treat you if you are going into the sun 30 following the treatment.SPF 30+ MUST be worn on the area before and after treatments.

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