Men's Waxing

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Men’s Waxing

Drakes of London were one of the first salons to specialise in men’s waxing since 2004. We know that if it’s your first time you may be anxious so please read the FAQ below and don’t worry, you can have a complimentary cold beer during the wax to help take the edge off!


  • Please follow the instructions of your therapist at all times, particularly when it comes to aftercare. We advise all clients to come in at least 48 hours prior to taking a long flight or visiting the beach or a hot climate.
  • We also advise coming in for your waxing at least 24 hours prior to strenuous exercise or visiting a steam room/sauna.


The more you wax the less painful it becomes. The hair is held less tightly by the follicle as the hair grows back so the pull is not as great.


Men’s Waxing appointments should be between 4-6 weeks apart for a consistent result.

If you are a regular waxer, courses of treatments are available, please ask your consultant for more details.

Please note that we do not offer “intimate” waxing.

Waxing Treatments

Leg Wax
45mins £42.00
Full Arm Wax
30mins £20.00
Abdomen Wax
20mins £17.00
Chest Wax
20mins £20.00
Chest, Back & Abdomen Wax
60mins £45.00
Back & Shoulder Wax
30mins £32.00
Half Arm Wax
20mins £14.00
Armpit Wax
10mins £10.00
Ear Wax
15mins £14.00
Cheek Wax
15mins £14.00
Nostril Wax
20mins £15.00

For a more permanent solution to hair removal please see our Laser Hair Removal Services.

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